Anxiety and Depression Won’t Stop Me! (My Diary)

So today I found myself in a bad headspace mentally. For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I am not ashamed to talk about it anymore. I use to be, but not now.
Now, that we got that out the way. Today, we’ll let’s be honest the last few days my anxiety has been getting the best of me. I am not sure why. I am about to embark on a new adventure into unknown territory, but that’s not it. I don’t know what it is, to be honest.
I just thought I would share this tidbit because relationships are more than about the ones you have with others. It is also about the one you have with yourself. You can’t have a wonderful relationship with others until you take care of yourself.

It took me a long time to learn how to take care of myself. However, since I have learned it allows me to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. I have learned to love me first, and then I can love everyone else.
As far as the depression and anxiety go, I pray that one day God will completely lift them off me. Until that day happens, I will just keep looking to the hill which cometh my help and all my help come from the Lord.
I think I will add this permanently to the blog. My little personal diary insert. What do you all think?
2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

Tye Tribbett Speaks Truthfully About Infidelity

I was in amazement when I read this article, about Tye and Shante Tribbett cheating on each other, which broke up his group G.A. and practically ended their 11 year marriage. However, that was not the amazing apart. The amazing part was that they sought out spiritual counseling to try to reconcile, during a time when people are doing the divorce thing, quicker than teenagers can drop a text message. I hate they went through what they went through, but I found it encouraging. With all they put each other through, they found the strength to try to work it out. This is so rare, because I see so many getting a divorce over simple things like “he won’t help me around the house” or “all she do is nag.” If you love each other you should really try to work pass the simple things in life, because those things are nowhere on the level as infidelity.

Tye Tribbett spoke at the “Marriage Beyond The Vows” workshop at the 2012 Inspiration & Music Conference. He spoke about intimate details of his marriage and what he and his wife faced during this time. Plus there is a video below of an interview that he did for Praise 103.9 Let us know Da Real Talk on what you think about it. Comment Below or hit us back on the Da Real Talk Facebook page.

“It’s Human Nature” (feed back to “Do We Know Who We Are Alone?”)

“It’s Human Nature” (feed back to “Do We Know Who We Are Alone?”)

You asked a very good question there “Do We Know Who We Are?”   The way I see it, a lot of people identify themselves by the career choice that they picked. You can say that these people think that their career is their life and don’t really need a significant other. But deep inside they long to have someone to share their life with.  It’s human nature to just have this desire to have a mate by their side not just for physical pleasure but also for emotional and spiritual companionship. Others use their family to define themselves and others use sport. I guess it’s different for each individual but it is always almost by choice. If they want to do more to define themselves then they need to have the desire and the will power to find their true self. it’s not going to happen if you just sit around and complaining about how your life “suck” so to speak, instead get up to go after and achieve the life that you want.  Don’t always depend on others around and don’t think that your significant other will always be there because God might call them home early or they leave you because they weren’t the one for you.  I’m not saying that give up on finding your soul mate, just have patients they will show up sooner or later or even met them and didn’t realize because you are so busy looking for “the” perfect one ( no one is perfect but Jesus). Your mate is supposed to help complete you and vice versa, this is a topic for another time. Anyways there are so many different answer to this question “do we know who we are alone” and “what can we do to learn who we alone.”

“The Mediator”

The Mediator is a wife and the mother of two toddlers.. She will be soon returning to school, for a degree in nursing. She has a very strong Christian faith and believes that you put God first you can accomplish anything.