Having Fun Getting Healthy!!!!

I was reading an article on WebMD on why couples should be having sex. UH-Oh if that S-E-X word offends you then you should not be reading this blog post. Now back to the regularly scheduled conversation, because I have no problem talking about S-E-X.

Anyways, I found this article very interesting.  Most of the stuff knew, but there were a few things that I didn’t. But what I gathered it was all the more reason, to not let your marriage lack sex.

Sex may not be the only part of a marriage, but it plays a major role, like it or not.  However, I don’t expect everyone to agree with that statement. But truth be told, sex in a marriage is more than an orgasm.  It is a connection, where husband and wife is becoming one in body, mind, and soul. Besides all of the physical health benefits you should have read about if you clicked on the link, but it provide benefits to your marriage. I am not about to go into every single detail of the benefits to your marriage, but you just think about. I am going to do a repost of a previous blog post as well discussing other health benefits that I found and it had a little more take of what I thought.

I basically just wanted to share this, because I liked the physical health benefits from the article and I thought someone else would enjoy the read as well. Please click the link below to find out more.


“Take It Outside the Bedroom”

“Take It Outside the Bedroom” (Repost from old site)

My thought for today is to take it outside the bedroom. A lot of times, especially after marriage we noticed that our sex life becomes like a game of chess. We seem to reach a stalemate. It usually has nothing to do with the lack of love in the relationship, in most cases (there are some though). The problem is most couples become consumed by everyday life such as work, kids, bills, etc. Many times they don’t mean to intentionally let the flames of passion burnout, most just become exhausted from everything else. So how can you rekindle the flames you ask? My answer to you is to take it outside the bedroom.
It is important for you as a couple to take the passion outside of your normal environment. This helps not only get you away from your life stressors, but it helps get you out of routine. Routine can lead to boredom for both parties, and that is not healthy, for the relationship overall.
A quick suggestion is to get a room. You don’t have to go out of town to get a room, just go get one. Being outside your bedroom and home can make a world of difference in the sex life. Plus if you can think of other creative ways or places to heat it up, that don’t include your bedroom, utilize it. The goal is just to keep the passion burning.
So if you are one of those people who seem to have reached a stalemate, don’t just throw in the game. Strategize trick plays of the board to heat it back up. That way, in the end, you and your mate both can yell “CHECKMATE.”

Bedroom Attire (repost from old site)


Bedroom Attire (repost from old site)

Question…Why when you first marry a guy you spend a lot of time preparing yourselves before you go to bed. You spend time looking good and smelling good, but as soon as you have been together for a long period of time you start to let yourselves go. You go to bed in the old unattractive nightgowns that even your grandma won’t wear, or anything unattractive. You then go and have the nerve to wonder why he peeping out the next chick. Well, what you did to get him you have to do to keep him. If you don’t want to invest in all the sexy lingerie, buy some sexy panties and just go to bed in them. I have better idea just don’t spend any money and go to bed naked. Many men will tell you it’s not the wrapping, but the package. Whatever you do, just remember to spend some time looking attractive for your man when you go to bed. I know you can’t do it every night if you work or have a family, but remember try to do it as much as possible to keep him wanting to come back to your bed. Give me your feedback on the Facebook page.

Strange!!!! When He Doesn’t Want It!!!!

Strange!!!! When He Doesn’t Want It!!!!

Okay, I read something that I thought was interesting today on the Oraph Winfrey website. Now I know that a relationship is not all about the sex, but sex does help to enhance closeness. The article caught my eye, because I read something that seems like a rarity. I mean it may be more prevalent them I realize, I guess I have to do some farther research. In the article the woman was saying that right before they got married the husband had already become disinterested in sex, so she was asking the doctor for advice. It was strange to me, because I could see it slowing down after you get married, especially with work and kids. However, I seen it as kind of a strange thing to happen before you add the responsibility of family. I mean I guess he could genuinely be disinterested in sex, but could it be something more? Could he have become overly consumed with work already and just be tired. I mean maybe he is having a hard time physically in that area, but the article stated he was in his late 20’s.  It could be a strong possibility that he is getting it from somewhere else. She claims she has done thing to try to entice him, but he still seems disinterested. It’s just interesting.

I did agree with the Doctor’s advice, about talking to him and letting him know how she feels. However, I guess my next question if I was answering her question would be exactly how much has the sex dropped off, because that could be an indication of whether he is just tired or is he seeing some else. It was just strange. I don’t know. It could just be me reading more into it, because I know everybody’s sex life is on a different level. I would love to hear from you all on the subject though.

I just wanted to add this tidbit of info, because I know someone reading this article and take a simple statement and run with it. I made the statement about the people having sex before marriage. No, I am not promoting sex before marriage at all, so please don’t question my values. I am a realist though and I know that people do and that is just reality. In my line of work, I am going to meet all different people with all different issues. I am not here to judge or look down on people, because I remember I wasn’t always saved and I did things in my past that I am not so proud of. I am human and by far from perfect. I am just here to help people. I just wanted to say that, because I know some people look for anything to gossip about, shameful but tru

“A Lady in Da Streets” (repost from old site)


“A Lady in Da Streets” (repost from old site)

One of the famous quotes of men is “A lady in the street and a freak in the bed.” Some women spending a lot of time looking for passion and lovemaking in the bedroom, while some men on the other hand looking for a woman to release her wild side. The question is can there be a happy medium in the bedroom. I believe so. The thing has to do with the comfort level a person carries in the bedroom. Women have been taught so much to act like a lady, a lot of times she feels self-conscience when she steps in the bedroom. She can however move pass feeling self-conscience, with the trust and love of her man. He has to ensure her that he will think no less of her when they step out of the bedroom. The passion that a woman feels during lovemaking can also be felt during wild sex. That is if she knows that her man truly loves her and she truly loves him. True love allows you to be able to look pass the romance novel imagine of love making and allow you to be able to expand your horizons. A lot of time women want passionate lovemaking; because she is looking to secure a feeling of love she is questioning herself about. Guys don’t get it twisted either. Once you prove to your woman how much you love her, and she loosens up and starts to having the wild sex with you, make sure that is not all you give her. She still needs the passionate love making sessions added in. That is what allows her to come back and give you the best wild sex of your life. A woman is always more loose when she is feeling loved. Men you have to be willing to look pass your image of that porn star too. Many times you are so much caught up in the image of the porn star sex you forget the passion a relationship needs to survive. Women, a man is kept very happy when he knows he can come home after a long day of work and have some freaky sex. There is no need to try to go elsewhere to find what he is getting from you. Men keep the passion so she doesn’t go to the next man to find it. At the end of the day compromise makes everyone happy. So women answer the door for your man in nothing but stilettos and men bring home the flowers so the passionate wild sex can begin.
Song of the Day : Boyz II Men ~ I’ll make Love To You

Taboo in the Bedroom!!! (repost from old blog)


Taboo in the Bedroom!!! (repost from old blog)

This is going to be quick post. I received an email wanting my opinion about  what is taboo in the bedroom for sex between a husband and wife. Well, first let  me thank you for asking the question? I don’t make it a habit to answer an email  in a blog post, because I like to answer questions back through emails, since  every one’s individual situations varies. However, there are occasions where I  will answer emails to general questions like this one, in the blog, if I feel it  may help others.
Now to answer your questions the only thing I see as  taboo in a husband and wife’s sex life is putting another person in the mix. If  that offended anyone, I am sorry but that is my belief, so do with it what you  please. People don’t change their beliefs for me and I don’t change mine for  others. #IJS Plus adding another person can cause a whole other set of  complications. Now as far as everything else goes, what goes on behind close  doors between two spouses is there business. God created sexual feelings not  only for procreation, but for husbands and wives to enjoy each other. I feel as  long as both of you are comfortable with it, then do what you do. Hey don’t be  afraid to experiment with somethings either, because you never know what you  might enjoy. #IJS

Why We Should Get Our Sex On!!!! (I”M JUST SAYING)

Well Thursday I went to a doctor’s appointment with the hubby and you know how we all do pick up a magazine that looks like it could have an interesting article, to read, that will help us kill time. I just happen to run across an Ebony magazine that was talking about sex and why it is a good thing. Now I am going to share with you some of the reasons that the magazine stated that sex is beneficial.  The magazine stated that sex is an exercise. The only exercise that most people truly enjoy. The magazine also stated that it helps lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, and helps you get good sleep . Next time you get stressed out, can’t sleep, get anxious put down the xanax or any other medication that you may be taking to help your problem, and take a dose of your spouse. The last thing that it stated is that having sex at least twice a week helps to keep men heart healthy. Now ladies for those of you that do your job and look after your man’s well being, should make sure this part of your regime. It is okay to add more then the recommended 2 doses a week also, the more the better. Hey the way I see it, if it is going to keep you and your spouse healthy and youthful then by all means get your sex on. A lot of us jump on these health kick bandwagons anyway, so we might as well jump on that one too. I personally think that sex is very important in a relationship. If your starting to get offended don’t, just because I didn’t mention love that doesn’t mean I forgot it or think it is not important. So, I guess for those of you who still have a sex phobia, I will say it this way: LOVE defines a healthy relationship, but SEX enhances it. Feel better now. Anyway for those of you who enjoy sex and don’t have a sex phobia get your sex on , because the life you save might just be your own.  I’m just saying!!!!

“Don’t Hate It!!! Learn to Enjoy It!!! SEX”

“Don’t Hate It!!! Learn to Enjoy It!!! SEX”

(repost from old site)

Okay Ladies,

I over heard a  conversation from a couple of women that really caught my attention. No, I was  not being nosey they were just talking out loud, LMBO. One was talking about  feeling self conscience about sex with her husband. From what I gathered, it had  nothing to do with her husband but her upbringing. Basically it seems as if she  was taught sex was for keeping the hubby happy and making babies.Well ladies, do  you want to know what I think about that. I think it is “NONSENSE”. Sex needs to  be enjoyed by the woman as well as a man. She shouldn’t feel conformed to some  prehistoric caveman notion about sex. Women have just as much right to be freaky  and enjoy sex as much as their husbands. And if she is not allowing herself to  enjoy sex to the fullest she is missing a real treat. Mrs. C had said in one of  her post that sex was a stress reducer, but that only works if the woman is  enjoying sex. Good sex should have you smiling and glowing afterwards. Your  husband should be willing to please you as much as much as he wants to be  pleased. Now the truth is most (not all) men aim to please. Women you have to  allow him too please you and let go of your inhibitions. If he don’t know what  you like, I can’t stress this enough “Tell Him!!!” If he truly loves you, he  will listen. Sex is not something for you to think of as gross, nasty, and  appalling. Please, if that is your mind let it go, because if you don’t you are  going to continue to miss out one of this best things you could experience, in  life.