“Three’s a Crowd : Keeping the Marriage Bed Sacred”


As a Christian, I really believe the marriage bed is very sacred and I believe it should only be shared between husband and wife. However, as a Therapist, I have heard my share of stories, about what takes place when people allow other people to enter their marriage bed, to please their spouse. I am here to tell you as a therapist every relationship that has come through my office, with this problem, has ended terribly. As a Christian, this is why the marriage bed was designed by God to remain sacred because he has seen all the complications that could arise.


When you choose to go this route you are playing with a double edge sword. This really harms the marriage. I hear so many say that they went this route to please their spouse. However, my question then becomes~ were you not good enough for your spouse, that they felt the need to add a third party? I know everyone’s grown and entitled to their own opinion, but I would feel disrespected.  I even have those saying that it is better than them cheating on me. Well, my response to that is you are just signing consent for both of you to cheat, with the same person.  In a lot of cases when this happens the intimacy, between the spouses go straight out the window. Why risk it? You know there is a chance this could blow up in smoke. My advice is to do it God’s way and this is one problem you can cross off your list.

Author: Tesha

I am a wife of 22yrs, a mother of 4, a therapist, a victim advocate, and a freelance writer. I have a 23 yr. old, 19 yr. old, and 11 yr. old twins. I love to write. I have a Bachelors's degree in psychology. I have a Master's degree in Professional Counseling.

2 thoughts on ““Three’s a Crowd : Keeping the Marriage Bed Sacred””

  1. I love that you bring up this topic! Beyonce just released a video clip today where she talks about the song origination of the concept for her video “Partition.” I was shocked to see on the video that she’s giving the impression of dancing with other women to Jay-Z’s pleasing, but I was especially shocked to hear that she’s taken him to a strip club one year for his birthday. I totally agree with you: inviting or agreeing to invite other people (or indulge fantasies of inviting other people) into your marriage bed is definitely playing with fire where one–or both—people in the marriage are bound to get burned. Great post!!

  2. So true. Three is a crowd an four is way too many. When individual agree to be in a relationship it was not design for the worldly interludes to what man, woman, deluded minds desire of picture as right depending on his or her desire. A relationship is work and not what we see in the movies or on television. If Man could build ROMAN in a day it would be a mess. Marriage is SPECIAL in the eye of GOD and men and women should see themselves as children of our father GOD and not to their own understandings. Men if you love your wife by Loving GOD and yourselves honoring the union with one another leaving out ALL other you can beat all odds. But, an important key is to respect and honor GOD.

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