Spy Gate Relationships

Yesterday, while I was sitting in the waiting room in the ophthalmologist, waiting for my son to come out from seeing the doctor I overheard an interesting conversation. An employee was discussing that she didn’t trust her man. She was upset that he changed his Facebook account password. She was also talking about looking through his phone and checking email. So I am thinking in my mind he has done some dirt in the past that has caused her to have trust issues, which in that case I completely understand or she has insecurities issues from low self-esteem or past relationships.

However, apart from all that, what tripped me out was she said she was going to setup some spy camera’s around their home and possibly hiring a PI. Now mind you she said her boyfriend and not husband. Maybe I can see a PI for your husband, because maybe you wanted some information to take to divorce court, seriously I don’t know. But a boyfriend, really? Hiring a PI seems a bit extreme.What we have here is the case of the Spy Gate Relationship.

My thing is when you are having that bad of trust issues with a person you are in a relationship, I think it is time to start questioning if that relationship is really worth being in. If you can’t trust that person, you are never going to be able to grow together, because you are going to question every move that person’s make. We all know that once trust is lost it takes a long time to get it back, but if you have to go through extremes to have trust. Is that person really worth it?

Think of it this way if you spend all your time worrying about what they are doing when you’re not together than you are putting yourself in a miserable position. Do you really deserve to be feeling that way and putting yourself through torcher? I don’t think so. You should always feel you deserve better than that.That just a little something to think about, because no person is worth your misery. Especially when you are so obsessed, and that is all you can think about.