A Comical View of Marriage ~ “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” by Mark Gungor

Okay,  I was recently informed of this marriage series while standing in line  registering my twins for school next year. I was advised that this would be good  for my blog and for a couple’s seminar that I would like to have.This marriage series is called “Laugh Your  Way to a Better Marriage,” by Mark Gungor.I am going to order the whole series, but I have been watching clips on  YouTube. If you and your spouse need a good laugh this is a series this would be  good to add to your dvd/blue-ray collection. It is something that both of you  can do for a date night. It is not something that I am going to say is going to fix your  marriage, but it is something that you two can enjoy together and laugh about.  It does give you some moment though, where you look at your spouse and say could  that be possibly what’s going on with you.Anyway I am posting a clip that I found really funny off of YouTube. If  you need a good laugh for today stop by and check it out.

Just Broke Up: Get Acquainted With Your Self Again

Being single is not a bad thing. I am not sure why some people treat it as a disease. As soon as you get out of a relationship, all of a sudden some people start to look at you with looks of pity. Looking like they are waiting for you to have a nervous breakdown at any moment. Then the next moment you find yourself feeling that same pity for yourself, on top of the hurt you are already dealing with.

However, I don’t see becoming single again as a bad thing. Yes, you are hurting because you are not with that person, but eventually, the hurt does go away. I see it as a time for you to get acquainted with yourself again because many times when you are in a relationship with the other person you lose yourself.

And yep, I said get acquainted with yourself again, because it is important to know yourself again before rushing into another relationship. It is important to take time to heal. This way when you do find that new special someone you will be bringing only yourself and not your emotional baggage from the previous relationship. Because I see so many people making that mistake bring their past into their present. All I am saying is when you’re exiting a relationship is not a death sentence it is a chance for a new beginning if you take your time and get there.

Put Downs vs. Disagreements

Now I know some of you are probably going to disagree with this blog post, but it is okay because I am going to put it out there anyway. I was passing by a couple at the store yesterday, when I went to get some of the expensive gas (just needed to vent about that, LOL). She was going off on him over the fact that he brought her the wrong flavor Doritos. Now mind you she may have been having a bad day, but you at a crowded store full of people, fussing and cussing him out. I am sure it was loud enough a person who was at least a half a mile down the street could have heard it. She was calling him everything, but the child of God, but the kicker to me was when she said “You just plan out stupid.” Now, to him I say man up. However, to her I only got one question. “Why?”

Being in a relationship we have to learn not to be putting our partner down. Even, if we a pissed off and especially when we are in front of others. Yes, I know you say that couples argue. I don’t disagree with that. Hey, me and the hubby back in the day had our share (Thank God we a lot better). But arguing and putting your partner down is two different things.

I know some people like to throw gut punches especially when they are mad, but you can’t do that in a relationship. Why? You may ask me. Well, I am going to say it like this, because words hurt, and even after the incident is over what has been said to you or what you have said to them is still there lingering in the back of the persons mind. So if you said some nasty things putting each other down, whether you want to admit it or not those words are still there.

All I am saying is that you should learn to be uplifting to your partner instead of putting them down. If you argue, learn to argue about the subject at hand and leave out all the name calling. Lifting up each other, instead of tearing each other down builds strength to the relationship. Communication can be improved in a relationship ship, if people know they can disagree, about an issue, without it leading to all the put downs and hurtful words. Many people are scared to disagree, because of the possible put downs and this cause problems within in itself. I am going to end it with this ~ you should talk to your partner like your best friend, and not be talking to them like they are your worst enemy.